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Rosemary Hanson is an independent Reiki master/teacher she received training from in the teaching certificate from Anne Collingwood of the Croydon Reiki Centre. She follows the traditional Usui teaching method.

Reiki is the laying on of hands that was practiced by both Jesus and Buddha in their lifetimes, it has reappeared and is increasing in popularity now to help heal our planet at this very special time
Reiki means Universal life force.

All living things have energy sometimes referred to as Chi Prana, or as in the case of Reiki, Ki, flowing through them.
This energy comes from the universe or as many of us like to refer to it the Divine. When the healer opens up to connect to this energy having been attuned to receive the Reiki it is amplified and enhanced to bring about profound healing.

Having been attuned to receive Reiki the practitioner only has connect to the Ki and it flows through to where ever she places her hands. She first feels the energy flowing through her and indeed she receives its benefits as it then flows into the subject being healed.

The Three Reiki Degrees


1. First degree Reiki

Reiki I certificate cost £125

This consists of 4 attunements given by the Reiki Master/teacher. They are usually given in two sessions of two attunements with a gap of at least several hours between the two sessions
The first degree opens the person to the Reiki energy. It is primarily to heal self though once open it can be used on others too.

2. Second degree Reiki

Reiki II certificate cost £200

The 2nd degree has one attunement.  During the second degree three Reiki symbols are given to the Reiki initiate. These symbols strengthen the Reiki, give emotional healing and facilitate the ability to heal distantly. Even though Reiki manuals given to the students nowadays include the symbols they are only beneficial if the person has been given them by a Reiki Master/teacher after having been attuned to use them. The period of time between the two degrees of Reiki vary too. I personally feel that at least three months needs to have passed between the two. The main thing is that the student feels ready to embark on the second stage this is the main point to consider.

3. The Third Degree… Master/teacher

Reiki III degree cost negotiable - please contact

As well as the four attunements the Reiki practitioner is given two more even more powerful symbols, the Master symbols. These bring in the powerful energy of the master strength and anchor the energy to the earth. The treasure of heaven is brought to earth. Now the student becomes the teacher. Good teachers are the ones that meet the expectations of the student. When the student is ready the teacher appears. When the teacher is ready the student appears it is a two way exchange. The Reiki family grows the love spreads across the planet until all nations are one and each person attains enlightenment.

The Reiki Practitioner - What to Expect

When a person has been attuned to Reiki her energy channels have been opened and cleared of any obstructions that might hinder the flow of Ki.

Reiki is naturally protective and pure. Sometimes the healer might feel that during the Reiki session that she has picked up some of the subjects pain or negativity. At times like this, once she has realised this has occurred all she needs to do is to let go of it and it clears. Sometimes this can be an advantage as the healer is directed by feeling the area of pain felt by the person/ subject receiving the healing. This can be beneficial to direct the practitioner to the area to place her hands where it is most needed.

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