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It has been a wonderful 25 year journey for Rosemary Hanson their creator and with her 20th anniversary just round the corner some more interesting developments are yet to come. The journey began in 1997 with the birth of Snowdrop the first to arrive in the 52 essence range which make up the Mystic Bridge. The range took 10 years to complete. In 2006 the first of the magical ladder which forms the Ascension range came, namely Dragonfly.

The Limelight Essences are completed with the arrival of the 144th essence The Orca Whale in The Angels Of The Sea range. The Orca essence was made in Cornwall, England on the 21st and 22nd of April 2012.

The next range to appear were The Bird Essences which took flight with Kestrel. During the years that followed a further seven ranges appeared…

The Earth Healers, Middle Earth range, Friends Of The Forest, The Fresh Waters, Pathways Of The Stars and The Angels Of The Sea.

Each of The Limelight Essences have a Yantra / their painting for visual energy and a Mantra / their poem for sound. The two aspects celebrated and understood so clearly by the Hindu spiritual practice enable the 1000 attributes held in each essence to be used as a healing for the various and multifaceted areas that block the awareness to Loves presence. The emotional, mental and spiritual parts of self can be healed simultaneously. The connection between Heaven and Earth through the marriage of ourselves to mother Earth facilitated by the Angelic realm and Nature’s elementals is realised.

Now here, The Limelight Essences unfold their wonderful loving healing for all to benefit and be able to achieve their full potential of a happy and abundant life on our wonderful, beautiful, and generous planet, Earth.

Our short intensive trainings in Practitioner Certification are available geographically suited to the students on request.

Look at the practitioners list for a practitioner near you.


As a child Rosemary found great solace and connection in Nature. Due to various times spent in children’ homes, and as a fostered child, Nature was the place she always felt at home. It was during these early formative years that a mutual love between herself and the energetic elementals of the plants flowers, trees and grasses formed a basis for her calling later in life. As a single parent to her two beautiful daughters and a need to earn an income to support her family she trained in Reflexology, Massage and Aromatherapy. Having trained previously as a youngster with Boots the Chemist as what was at the time referred to as a Dispensing assistant in Pharmacy. It was due to this early training that she already had a good understanding and indeed a great interest in medicine and the workings of the human body. As a girl she sang in a church choir and loved art and drama. She would like to have taken up acting a s a career but was encouraged by her foster parents to leave school at 15 and earn a living. 

A big change came for her after she qualified in Reflexology. Looking to work closer to her home she approached the owner of a local Natural Health Clinic in her home town. Within a very short time in their conversation the owner asked her if she would like to take over the clinic from her. Celia Hamilton the lady in question made it so simple with a kind understanding of her financial situation a mutual agreement was reached. Celia herself a massage therapist and spiritual healer was pleased to have someone to hand over to. As for Rosemary it was to be a turning point. 

A somewhat rapid development of spiritual awareness left Rosemary sometimes wondering if she had like her late mother taken leave of her senses. (Her mother after her fathers sudden death in an RAF accident spent the rest of her life in mental institutions.) Well in fact in some ways she had. All of the esoterical developments came in as soon as she started seeing people for treatments. The stage had been set by Celia with her spiritual healing in the clinic. “ To begin with I wanted nothing to do with Spirit I did not want to end up like my mother” she said. 

In 1997 with the birth of her first Limelight Essence Snowdrop a 15 year journey ensued taking her around the British Isles and even to Hawaii. It was at some points like being on a freight train that was running away with me. It was exciting and also at times quite scary. 

Today Rosemary trains others in the use of the Limelight Essences and gives talks and workshops about her work. She says her main job is to empower individuals to become the best they can be on every level of their lives.

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