The Limelight Flower and Frequency Essences

Over a period of 15 years Rosemary Hanson has developed a range of 144 essences. The first groups of essences were made exclusively in Great Britain the ancient land of Albion. Then in 2010 the first one to be made outside of the UK was made, Sea Turtle, which she made in Maui Hawaii which is an Earth Healing essence. This was closely followed by two others made in Florida, the Dolphin of Communication essence and the Manatee essence in the Angels of The Sea range.

The later Limelight Essences are a far cry from the work done by the wonderful Edward Bach in the 1930s .In the beginning they did start in a similar way with the first ones being made exclusively from the energetic patterns emitted by plants grasses and flowers. The first of the Dragon essences made an entry in 2006 whilst Rosemary was running a workshop to connect to the fairies of the Chalice Well Garden in Glastonbury. It was an absolute surprise when the Green Dragon of Healing also known as the Raphael Dragon spiralled out of the well head.  The subsequent poem and painting which accompanied the Green Dragon enhanced the energy pattern and our understanding which emerged at it’s birthing.

The Pathways to the Stars range reflect the galactic energy from the skies to form the zodiac connection in the Earth’s structure to energetically reveal hidden aspects of ourselves. We are learning as the Australian aboriginal people have always known in their Dreamscape and the ancient Egyptians in their observations of the Bees and their relationship to their hive we and the Heaven and Earth are One. When we reawaken to our true potential and loving power and recall our I Am presence we will become whole once more.

How The Limelight Essences are used.

The Limelight Essences are available in pipette dropper dosage bottles to take orally, or in pump action mists to mist in to the surrounding aura of an individual or the atmosphere for a group situation. The SOS blend of essences is also available in a cream to apply topically.

Choosing essences.

Intuition, when you are drawn to a name a picture or poem of a particular Limelight Essence or the individual essence is just very attractive to you is a good indication that you will benefit from using it.

A consultation with a Limelight Essence trained practitioner, those named on our website are recommended.

Rosemary Hanson, ITEC, MAR, MBRA & MIPTI.
Rosemary is a Reflexologist; Massage Therapist; Reiki Master/teacher; Flower Essence Producer, Consultant and Practitioner; and an esoteric healer. She is also a teacher and runs courses on her flower essences, Indian Head massage, Hopi ear candles and spiritual development.

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