Orca Whale

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Available in both Mists and Drops

On an emotional level this essence brings light into the darkest place of our being and helps us have a greater insight as to where our greatest answers are to be found.
When there appears to be no cure for what ails us we are able to release and respond with the knowledge that all illness is a message for us to learn from. Our body is our greatest teaching tool our friend not our enemy. So the sacrifice of the fallen angel becomes our greatest gift.

The freeing of Lucifer, the torch bearer, the shadow side is healed.

The Orca Limelight Essence being the last to appear in many ways is the most profound and deepest healing. It reaches deep within us to the root of our "problems".

Bulrush was one of the original essence  (and is working on a lower frequency than Orca) to arrive and it removes shock and trauma from our energy field.It also prevents negative energies attaching themselves to us at the same time resealing with love tears that have been created in our aura. It would be good to take this before taking Orca so that only a forward movement is created for our healing.

Black Hollyhock is like a Pheonix energy it brings us back up after we have traveled deep within rising us into our perfect being able to reap the rewards we have worked hard for.

Foxglove essence is for our inner teacher connection our intuition to know we are making right decisions in our healing journey as we return to Love

Rosemary Hanson.
Rosemary is a Reflexologist; Massage Therapist; Reiki Master/teacher; Flower Essence Producer, Consultant and Practitioner; and an esoteric healer. She is also a teacher and runs courses on her flower essences, Indian Head massage, Hopi ear candles and spiritual development.